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A championship rowing team operates in harmony. Attuned to shifts in their environment. Clear in their sense of direction. Pushing hard. Jointly accountable for results. Knowing that winning is a team effort.

The Challenge

Strengthening leadership and team effectiveness is one of the critical challenges of organizations today. Organizations with strong leadership talent and high functioning teams have the capacity to outpace their competitors.

It has never been more important to see organizations’ people as assets, not costs. Whether in the corporate, government, healthcare or not-for-profit sectors, investing in ‘people assets’ by developing their capacity to work together to deliver better products and services, is crucial.

For the corporate sector, it means getting ahead of the competition. For the cost-constrained government, healthcare and not for profit sectors, it means getting work done more effectively with fewer financial resource.

Leading people can be tough at any time. But when budgets are tight, the competition fierce and change ongoing, it can seem an uphill struggle and one among many priorities. We can help.

Our Value:

  • Strong, effective leaders through individual coaching and leadership training.
  • Business outcomes achieved through sound change management consulting.
  • Clear strategic and operational plans through skilled, facilitated goal setting.
  • Effective, high performing teams through assessment and development.
  • Cost-effective strategies to manage employees impacted by restructuring.

Christopher Neep & Associates Services

Coaching and Life Scripts

Coaching is a proven, cost effective means to improve performance, whether in terms of leadership, team or life. CNA are all professional coaches with substantial leadership experience in a range of organizations.

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Leadership Training

We do not offer ‘canned’ programs. Instead we work with clients to understand their leadership challenges. We aim to understand both the immediate needs and the longer-term challenges.

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Strategic & Operational Planning

Setting clear goals and actions to achieve them, in times of cost constraint, the need for cost-effective planning has never been more critical. We have experience in planning with both corporate and not for profit teams.

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Team Development

High performing teams are more important than ever. They deliver better performance, period! A hallmark of effective teams is their willingness to engage in tough conversation.

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Change Management

The need to get things done more quickly, at lower cost, while enhancing quality and the customer experience, is vital, which calls for ongoing change. Most change efforts do not sustain improvements organizations expected.

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Anytime our leaders had a situation which required facilitation whether that it was a visionary strategic planning session or serious problem solving session — Chris Neep immediately came to mind.

Senior Manager, Crown Corporation. Vancouver, British Columbia

Chris Neep clearly has a passion for the work he does. He is just as clearly exceptionally good at it. His approach is both professional and compassionate. He was able to coach our team to the point that we are…

Senior Clinical Leader, Healthcare Authority. Vancouver, British Columbia.